The One AM Blues

Good Morning, World!!! It is one in the morning in my corner of the world. I am dealing with the blues. I am not sure why it is that I am dealing with the blues but I am. So, I have decided to put on some Blues music to help me get out of being in the blues.

Dealing with the blues can lead me to dealing with depression and I don’t want that either. So, here I am listening to blues music while blogging about my boring ole life again.

I just hope one day I can be a success in societies eyes but I know that is an unrealistic wish of mine but one can hope. For me being a success is for me is to be working and me being what I call productive in my own personal life. Maybe I am having woe is me moment.

I just really want to get back to work soon in a career I would love to be in. For me working helps my mental health a great deal.  A job that I can be proud of and not dread to go to everyday. I want a job I love and the pay doesn’t have to be all that much just as long as I am able to pay my bills.

Having the blues sucks. Maybe I should try to get some sleep. Good night everyone. Peace Out, World!!!


One response to “The One AM Blues

  1. Since you currently do not work, maybe you can think of ways you are being successful now? I get this way sometimes, but for various reasons I cannot work right now. If I could, I’d probably become a cleaning lady and/or street performer. I love performing and have vocal, athletic, and fashion talent I could use. The street performers here make enough to survive on. As for cleaning, I LOVE it! I’ve offered to clean other people’s homes to help them. I love staying late at get together soon just to help clean. Sewing is not something I’d want to make money doing. It’s my joy, my happiness, my therapy.

    Right now, my success is keeping my home clean, cooking, doing my husband’s laundry, caring for the pets, doing various things to help him focus on work better and to save our family money. I’m an independent learner. I’m always reading online to learn new things and watching documentaries. I like sewing and finishing a sewing project gives me a new outfit, saving our household money since I don’t need to shop (I love shopping). I tend to buy old linens and curtains, thrifter fabric, and giant old clothing to tear up and use these as fabric. It saves money and gives new life to something that could’ve ended up in landfills.

    These are my successes. I absolutely believe we don’t need to contribute to others to be successful. It can be to just ourselves or our families.

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