A Day Off for Self Care

Good Afternoon, World!!! I took today off as a mental health day. I just needed to do it for the sake of both my mental health and physical health. I spent a great deal of the day of self care. It was the perfect day to do inside self care stuff as the weather in Seattle has be unpredictable today;

So, I spent part of the listening to music and the other part of the day listening to a podcast about philosophy. The specific music I was listening to was Christmas music and the philosophy podcast that I was listening to was “Philosophize This.”

As I listened to Christmas music or “Philosophize This” I did a multitude of things. The obvious thing I did was give my cat, Billie Dean, plenty of attention. Of course Billie loves all the attention I give him. Other things that I did was art work. Specifically, I colored. I colored various types of mandala’s. Another thing I did was put some jigsaw puzzles together. The puzzle isn’t complete put it is starting to look like what it’s suppose to look like. So that is what I did for my self care mental health day off.

I do not have much more to say in this particular blog post. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things that you the reader do read my blog. If it was not for you the reader reading my blog, I wouldn’t be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. I hope everyone has a great Monday evening. Happy Holidays, and Peace Out, World!!!


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