My Coping Skills Box

Hello, World!!! As I sit here at my laptop I’m thinking about my coping and the suggested therapy homework my therapist gave me yesterday during our session. The reason he suggested it is because it is an art project that he thought I would like to do. An art project that would help me in the long run. So, I decided to start making one last night. In fact I just finished and all I have to do is put coping skill stuff that will fit into it. I am happy that the coping skill box was an art project.

An art project that will help me help myself. I am going to be putting two stand alone books in the box. Stand alone books that are known to be what people call “eye candy” or “easy reads” because sometimes that is what is needed. I am going putting both Sudoku and Logic puzzles in my box to help me get out of emotional mind and think wisely. I also will be putting in some affirmations in the box to tell myself. I will be also putting in some cross stitch items as well.

When I need to use my coping skills box, I will have a plethora of choices to choose from. Having choices is always a good thing especially when you are needing ways on what to do when you are coping. Coping with undesired and intense emotions and/orĀ urges.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!

Sleepless In Seattle

It is two o’clock in the morning and I am unable to sleep. I’m blaming the no sleep on PTSD and insomnia. To help me through right now besides blogging is a multitude of things.

Music is one of them. I’ve been listening to some form of music most of the night even when I was trying to fall asleep. In fact everything I have done tonight included music.

As I listened to music, I started out doing some form of art. I did multiple collages. Some of which were poetry related. I also finished a painting that I have been working on. I am thinking about giving it to a friend but I’m not sure because I really like it and want to hang it up in my apartment. I also did some coloring.

Another thing I did as I listened to music was read Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. I’m really liking the book. I realized that I’m really getting into the book and had to put it down or else I most likely would be up all night reading. When I realized this I decided to pick up my comic books to read. I, of course, read about four Wonder Woman comics before realizing I could spend all night reading comics all night.

That’s when I decided to start a Wonder Woman puzzle I received as a gift for Christmas from my brother Jay. All I have done right now of the puzzle is the sorting of end pieces from all the other pieces. I do have some of the end pieces put together. I think I would have stuck with it if the stupid fire alarm didn’t go off. In fact I might go back to my puzzle after I’m done blogging.

Thank you for reading my blog. Have a good night all. Peace Out, World!!!