Yet, Another Post About Blogging

Good Evening, World!!! As you are well aware of, I’ve been blogging a great deal as of lately. I just hope as I continue that you don’t get bored with what I have to share especially if I post multiple times of day like I have been.

Today, I finished Developing Your Eye 1 course and enjoyed it immensely. I plan on doing the second one at a later time. I learned that I love photography.

Something I will be starting tomorrow is Everyday Inspiration. I’ve done it and complete twice before. I’ve also started it and never finished multiple times. This time I hope to finish it for the third time.

I’m going to tell you my blogging schedule once again or at least the for sure things I will be blogging about, on what days and why!!! Schedule is as follows:

Sunday: Weekly Plans. Mainly to tell you what I have planned for the week. My plans for the week are subject to change as you never know what life might bring.

Monday: Weekly Writing Prompt. This is where I can be creative with my writing.

Tuesday: TBD

Wednesday: Junior will be writing the first and third Wednesdays while Mama Bear will be writing the second and third Wednesdays.

Thursday: Hopefully, something educational.

Friday: Fun Facts. Basically random facts.

Saturday: Weekly Check-In. Basically how my week went overall.

Thank you for reading yet another post on blogging. Have a great evening. Peace Out, World!!!

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