Everyday Inspiration; Day 1: Why I Write

Good Afternoon, World!!! I write for a multiple reasons. Reasons, I had planned to write about and reasons that were unexpected.

Let’s start by why I started my blog. I started my blog for two main reasons. The first reason was to help educate people who don’t have lived experience that folks like myself who do have lived experience can live a productive life. It may not be productive in the eyes of a “normal” person but productive from my perspective.

The second reason I started blogging was to give those who struggle with a mental health condition/challenge that there is hope in choosing to live in active recovery whatever that may look like to the individual reading. Yes, I’ve shared by heartbreak and struggles here but I’ve gotten up and wiped myself off and hope that what I share give those who have lived experience some sort of hope.

There were some unexpected reasons I blog. The first happens to be advocacy. I didn’t realize that I could advocate here on my blog. Advocacy is something I love to do and am proud that I am able to do it on my blog. The other unexpected reason I write is that I have found that it helps me with my own recovery. My recovery means the world to me.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate all of you because if it wasn’t for you the reader I would not be writing on this blog. Thanks, again. Peace Out, World!!!

Yet, Another Post About Blogging

Good Evening, World!!! As you are well aware of, I’ve been blogging a great deal as of lately. I just hope as I continue that you don’t get bored with what I have to share especially if I post multiple times of day like I have been.

Today, I finished Developing Your Eye 1 course and enjoyed it immensely. I plan on doing the second one at a later time. I learned that I love photography.

Something I will be starting tomorrow is Everyday Inspiration. I’ve done it and complete twice before. I’ve also started it and never finished multiple times. This time I hope to finish it for the third time.

I’m going to tell you my blogging schedule once again or at least the for sure things I will be blogging about, on what days and why!!! Schedule is as follows:

Sunday: Weekly Plans. Mainly to tell you what I have planned for the week. My plans for the week are subject to change as you never know what life might bring.

Monday: Weekly Writing Prompt. This is where I can be creative with my writing.

Tuesday: TBD

Wednesday: Junior will be writing the first and third Wednesdays while Mama Bear will be writing the second and third Wednesdays.

Thursday: Hopefully, something educational.

Friday: Fun Facts. Basically random facts.

Saturday: Weekly Check-In. Basically how my week went overall.

Thank you for reading yet another post on blogging. Have a great evening. Peace Out, World!!!

Tuesday Afternoon, Ramblings

Good Afternoon, World!!! I had my interview this morning. They were already running late at 8:30 in the morning but considering what I witnessed in the waiting room I understood. The interviewers were “impressed” how I handled the client crisis and helped with the other clients in the waiting room. I asked the other clients what music they liked and started playing music suggestions from my phone.  I was informed that it helped the need to deal with the crisis at hand without creating a bigger one. I wasn’t doing anything out of the norm for me. I was just doing what was needed at the time. In the interview they asked what ways I would handle a client in crisis in a treatment room. I said I would have art supplies available at hand. Again, I impressed them and wasn’t attempting to do so.

When I got home from the interview I turned on some music and did some art. Specifically, painting about recovery. Like I’ve said in other post, art helps me express my emotions and I must be feeling hopeful.

Thank you for reading. Have a great rest of the day. I know I will. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Plans

I almost forgot to do my weekly plans post. I did really well with what I planned for last week except for specific blog post and going to Social Security.  Here is what I have planned for this week and everything for today is already accomplished.


  • Blog. Well I’ve done this quite well as this is my sixth blog of the day.
  • Workbook. Done
  • One load of laundry. I did two loads
  • Buy new black dress shoes for interviews this week. Done
  • Get phone fixed. Done
  • Take out garbage. Done.


  • See psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Attend Knitting Group
  • Attend Art Group
  • See Gilbert for therapy
  • Workbook
  • Clean Kitchen and Entry way.
  • Blog


  • Job interview
  • See Recovery Coach
  • Workbook
  • Clean Living Room
  • Blog


  • Job interview
  • Therapy with Gilbert
  • Workbook
  • Continue Cleaning living room
  • Blog


  • Social Security
  • Workbook
  • Blog
  • Clean Bedroom


  • Blog
  • Workbooks
  • Therapy with Gilbert
  • Clean Bedroom and bathroom


  • Blog
  • Workbook
  • Volunteer at Warm Line

I will be also visiting my grandma everyday I am able to. I hope everyone has a good week. Have a goodnight. Peace Out, World!!!

Tough Evening/Night

Hello, World!!! I’m having a tough go at it at the moment. I’ve been dealing with that fact the my grandma is in hospice care and I’m attempting to process it through journaling and blogging. It appears to be helping.

Reading a history text book and watching TedTalks about history. I feel like I can get some sort of education regarding history. Its helping with getting my mind off of things and wish my family and I weren’t dealing with all this but its the reality we are dealing with.

Reality can suck shit but it can be wonderful at the same time. For example my grandma told me today if I don’t go to my job interviews and Tuesday and Wednesday that when she goes, she will haunt me to the day I die and then haunt me after death. I got to love my grandma. She’s facing death yet she is still using her humor.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone has a good evening/night. Peace Out, World!!!

Dealing W/Grandma In Hospice Care

Good Evening, World!!! I’ve been dealing with my grandma and her being in hospice care. It hasn’t been the easiest ordeal for me or my family. My dad isn’t taking it all that well. I wish I knew how to help him though besides just being a listening ear and shoulder to cry on. He is trying his best to be of support to me as well.

Something that helped today was therapy. I saw Gilbert today. We discussed my grandma and her being in hospice. I just broke down crying and Gilbert gave me a box of Kleenex and let me cry. Sometimes a good cry helps.

Therapy was pretty much the only productive thing I’ve done all day. The other things I have done is blog, color, read and watched TedTalks. Blogging helps me process shit while coloring helps me express emotions. Reading and watching TedTalks help me get out of my head. Maybe I’ll talk about the TedTalks later.

Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend everyone. Happy Friday!!! Peace Out, World!!!


Small Freak Out + Reality Check = DBT Skills

Good Afternoon, World!! I was starting to freak out about my grandma still being in the hospital. Actually, I was freaking out when nobody was answering their phone and told by a nurse on the phone that my grandma’s nurse was dealing with an emergency. So, I thanked the nurse and called my great aunt. She gave me the reality check I needed and told me my grandma was okay. She then informed to do things that help me and asked me to tell her what I was going to do.

I informed my great aunt that I would blog about what I was going to do while listening to music. Than I would do some art and read. My great aunt suggest I play my flute. Or at least my grandma’s favorite song I know on the flute to feel close to my grandma till I talk to her on the phone.

So, I’m now doing my plan to help me get through a rough moment. Thank you for putting up with me. Have a wonderful day. Peace Out, World!!!