Tough Moment

Hello, World!!! I am having a tough moment. A moment that has been due to PTSD and Anxiety with some Depression. A moment that Junior is helping me through. A moment that mindfulness and meditation practice has helped me.

As I have a tough moment I realize that as rough it is right now, I am doing better than I was doing early in January. I think I am doing better than I was because I don’t want to go back to where I was when I first made a decision to be in active recovery. I want to be where I was when I was doing well and working fulltime as a Peer Support Specialist.

Thank you for reading as I think its time to settle in for the night. Have a goodnight and don’t let the bedbugs bite. Peace Out, World!!!.

Sunday Evening Ramblings

Hello, World!!! It’s been a good Sunday with a few bumps in the road and I am okay with the bumps in the road. Bumps in the road that I know I can get through with the help of my DBT skills and support of others.

People like Junior. Junior has be quite supportive of me for years and today was just one such day I appreciated his support and love. I also appreciate the intimate love making moments we had today as well. Moments that neither one of us take for granted because of the year I had, my sexual drive was pretty non-existent due to the symptoms of my mental health conditions. Junior has been one very patient man.

Something that I have realized that has helped me are the workbooks I have been doing. Today, I have been working on my workbook on resiliency and my gender identity. Something Junior supports and loves most about me.

Thank you for reading as I want to do my workbook and spend quality time with Junior. Thanks!!! Peace Out, World!!!

A Sunny & Frigid Day In Seattle

Good Evening, World!!! Today has been one of those relaxing days that have had some rough moments. Junior and I hung out with my two uncles and grandpa today as it was the first time the family got together since my grandmas death. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t come due to the fact it is too hard for him right now. Going out to lunch would just be “too much” for my dad as not having my grandma their serves as a strong reminder that she is really gone. My dad “didn’t want to break down” in the restaurant. I don’t blame him as I almost broke down in the restaurant.

After spending time with my family, Junior and I came home (to his place) and have been taking it easy as it has been a beautiful sunny yet frigid day her in Seattle. We have been watching the Winter Olympics as we both love sports. Yet it has been difficult to watch the Olympics as we have been having many intimate moments. Moments we cherish.

As the sun starts setting on another day, I want to finish the post so I can spend time with the love of my life, Junior. I want more time cuddling while watching the Olympics. Thank you for reading. It’s much appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!

Time With Family

Good Afternoon, World!!! This is going to be a short post as today has been an emotional day for me and my family. Junior and I hung out with my family today. This was the first time my family has been together since my grandma passed away on Wednesday (February 14th). We went out to eat and shared stories of my grandma. We laughed. We cried. We ate. It was nice having the support of Junior. Having him there helped me a great deal.

The sad thing about this was my dad didn’t attend as it is “too soon” after the death of my grandma. He is struggling a great deal with my grandma’s death. I just hope that his mental health treatment team is aware of what is going so that my dad can grieve in a healthy way.

Thank you for reading. It is much appreciated. Have a great Sunday. Have a great week and peace out world!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 7: Let Social Media Inspire You

Today’s assignment is to let social media inspire me. They gave some tweets we could use but I’m going to use social media as whole as my inspiration. I say this because social media can play a role in people mental health and well my blog is a mental health blog. I feel like if I don’t discuss how social media can affect one’s mental health then I would be doing my readers a disservice.

One can argue that social media could be helpful and it is. One can also say that social media is not helpful which is also true. I know from my experience it is combination of both. I just have to be watchful of my time on social media including me blogging. So, I guess what I am saying about mental health and social media is watch how it affects you.

Snowy Sunday in Seattle

Good Morning, World!!! As I stated in an earlier post, its snowing in Seattle. It’s not snowing now but there is snow on the ground. It made this morning that much more special with Junior. Junior worked for 48hours straight as he is firefighter and snow just helped with the romantic part of the morning.

When he got off from work he came over to my place with breakfast ready to eat. I made us French toast, scrambled eggs and chocolate milk. After breakfast we cuddled up to watch a movie. A movie that we didn’t watch as we ended up making love. We had some serious and enjoyable sex for roughly two hours. Something we both needed. That contact was helpful for the both of us.

Something the Junior and I are doing later on today is spending time with my family. This is going to be the first time my family has spent time with each after my grandma’s death. We are going to go out to eat however I am not sure where yet.

I think I am going to get going as I want to spend more time with Junior. I’m really needing some cuddle time with him. He is an amazing man. Thank you for reading. It’s appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Plans


  • Blog
  • Hang out with family
  • Clean apartment


  • Blog
  • Knitting Group
  • Art Group
  • Therapy
  • Clean apartment


  • Blog
  • Hearing Voices group
  • Errands


  • Blog
  • Therapy
  • Clean apartment


  • Blog
  • DSHS
  • Red Robin w/friends


  • Blog
  • Basketball
  • Therapy


  • Blog
  • Pack to get ready to go out of town for grandma’s funeral
  • Clean Apartment

Still Sleepless in Snowy Seattle

Good Morning, World!!! I am still sleepless in Seattle. On the plus note I get to see the snow falling without worrying about needing to go out into it. Or at least not to later on. It is three o’clock in the morning and I don’t have to go out into till eleven o’clock in the morning when I go spend time with family. Snow in Seattle doesn’t happen all to often. We did have a White Christmas which is always a good thing. I am not a big fan of snow but I can’t deny that it’s not pretty because it is beautiful especially when you don’t have to go out into it.

Something I have been doing besides watching the snow fall is reading. I have been reading Wonder Woman comic books. I love being able to curl up with a few comic books, drinking hot chocolate on a cold winters morning. Yes, it’s the middle of the night morning but it’s still morning.

Another thing I have been doing is doing a Wonder Woman jigsaw puzzle. I love puzzles. this puzzle is one thousand pieces and quite challenging. Maybe when I finish with it, I will take a picture of it and post it.

I should get going and try to sleep. Have a great day everyone Peace Out, World!!!


Oh, How I Want To Sleep

Good Morning, World!!! All I want to do is right now is sleep. Right now as I blog, I am listening to some jazz music. Jazz music reaches my soul unlike any other genre of music.

Something else that I have been doing is reading. Tonight I have been reading a history text book and the part of history I am reading about happens to be the history of jazz. Kind of ironic that I am listening to jazz music. I have also been reading some Wonder Woman comic books. Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. It appears that reading has been quite helpful for me the last few weeks especially the last few days since my grandma’s death.

I think I am going to go and read some more Wonder Woman while listening to some jazz music. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!