Small Freak Out + Reality Check = DBT Skills

Good Afternoon, World!! I was starting to freak out about my grandma still being in the hospital. Actually, I was freaking out when nobody was answering their phone and told by a nurse on the phone that my grandma’s nurse was dealing with an emergency. So, I thanked the nurse and called my great aunt. She gave me the reality check I needed and told me my grandma was okay. She then informed to do things that help me and asked me to tell her what I was going to do.

I informed my great aunt that I would blog about what I was going to do while listening to music. Than I would do some art and read. My great aunt suggest I play my flute. Or at least my grandma’s favorite song I know on the flute to feel close to my grandma till I talk to her on the phone.

So, I’m now doing my plan to help me get through a rough moment. Thank you for putting up with me. Have a wonderful day. Peace Out, World!!!


Poetry; Day Eight: Pleasure

Untitled Poem

by Gertie

Looking into his eyes as he caresses my naked body gives a pleasure that one cannot describe.

He inserts his penis and I have an instant orgasm.

A smile cross’s his face and mine as we have a moment that only we could enjoy.

Happy February

Good Morning, World!!! Its a typical drizzly morning in Seattle. I woke up early so I could have a fresh hot breakfast on the table when he get home from a long 24-hour shift as a firefighter. I made him banana pancakes and scrambled eggs with hot chocolate. Junior was thrilled that I made him breakfast and even more thrilled that I didn’t burn the house down when I made him breakfast.

After breakfast Junior and I had quite the intimate moment. We made love to our favorite music. More or less we had sex to our “love songs” play list. Music that turns both of us on and has our love making time last a tad bit longer. It was very pleasurableĀ  moment for the both of us.

After our intimate moment, Junior decided he is going to take a nap. As he is napping, I decided to blog. After blogging I tend to read. As many of you know I love reading and am enjoying the science fiction book I am reading.

I should get going as I want to get to reading my book. Have a great day everyone. Enjoy your lovely February and Peace Out, World!!!