Tough Evening/Night

Hello, World!!! I’m having a tough go at it at the moment. I’ve been dealing with that fact the my grandma is in hospice care and I’m attempting to process it through journaling and blogging. It appears to be helping.

Reading a history text book and watching TedTalks about history. I feel like I can get some sort of education regarding history. Its helping with getting my mind off of things and wish my family and I weren’t dealing with all this but its the reality we are dealing with.

Reality can suck shit but it can be wonderful at the same time. For example my grandma told me today if I don’t go to my job interviews and Tuesday and Wednesday that when she goes, she will haunt me to the day I die and then haunt me after death. I got to love my grandma. She’s facing death yet she is still using her humor.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone has a good evening/night. Peace Out, World!!!

Dealing W/Grandma In Hospice Care

Good Evening, World!!! I’ve been dealing with my grandma and her being in hospice care. It hasn’t been the easiest ordeal for me or my family. My dad isn’t taking it all that well. I wish I knew how to help him though besides just being a listening ear and shoulder to cry on. He is trying his best to be of support to me as well.

Something that helped today was therapy. I saw Gilbert today. We discussed my grandma and her being in hospice. I just broke down crying and Gilbert gave me a box of Kleenex and let me cry. Sometimes a good cry helps.

Therapy was pretty much the only productive thing I’ve done all day. The other things I have done is blog, color, read and watched TedTalks. Blogging helps me process shit while coloring helps me express emotions. Reading and watching TedTalks help me get out of my head. Maybe I’ll talk about the TedTalks later.

Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend everyone. Happy Friday!!! Peace Out, World!!!


Photography 1: Day 1; Home

Good Afternoon, World!!! Today is the first day of the Photography; Developing Your Eye Day One. Today’s topic is home. Home can mean different things to different people. When I think of home I think of the neighborhoods I live or have lived in. Specifically, the neighborhood I grew up in as well the one I currently live in. If I had photo’s of the neighborhood grew up in I would be sharing them with you but I don’t so I can’t.

When we think of home we all think of the neighborhood we live in. That’s why I’ve decided to share photo’s of my current neighborhood. Each photo will have a description of what that specific place means to me and/or the neighborhood below the photo.

IMG_0168This King County Metro bus travels through my neighborhood every 20 minutes or so. It goes to one of my favorite places to hang out which is the Ballard Locks.

IMG_0166This is one of the many bikes that clutters Seattle’s neighborhood’s including mine. You can rent for money to ride to get where you are going. The down fall is you have to have a smart phone to do so and not everyone has one. I’ve never rented one and don’t plan to. They litter the sidewalks and have usually fallen on the ground. This one is in rare form and actually in an upright position.

IMG_0172Good ole Seattle traffic. You can see that it has been raining in this picture as I shot it looking towards downtown which you can sort of see. This is one of the many reasons people ride their bikes and/or take public transportation.

IMG_0170Good ole Seattle Fire Department. In fact this is the engine Junior works on. Lights and sirens were going at the time of the picture. Something one gets to living in the city and near a fire station.

IMG_0164Another joy of living in the city is the never ending construction!!! (Can you hear me being sarcastic?) You can see one of the many cranes Seattle has. Last time I checked Seattle had the most cranes working in the using at the moment.

IMG_0169The iconic Blue Moon Tavern. It opened in April of 1934 and back then it was state law that all bars had to be at least a mile away for college campuses. Not sure if it’s still state law but this is an iconic bar.

IMG_0157Washington’s own pharmacy. Its a family run local drug store chain. Bartell’s has several stores around the Puget Sound area. This is the particular Bartell’s in my neighborhood and is where I get my meds at.

Now that you have had a tour of my neighborhood, I hope you feel at home. Thanks for reading. Have a great day and go enjoy your neighborhood. It’s an extension of your home. Peace Out, World!!!

Another Early Awaking W/Something To Do

Happy Friday, World!!! I didn’t sleep all that well last night. I woke up from a nightmare as well as feeling slightly more depressed. A depression I’m not too worried about because I realize its there and I see my therapist Gilbert today.

Since, I’ve been awake and up since three o’clock this morning with only three hours of sleep I decided to do some reading. I, of course love the book I am reading and grateful that its a trilogy. I love book series.

Another thing I did was to go through my memory card from my camera to start the photography one course WordPress offers for free. I have found some fond memories and some weird photos wonder why I took them. I’m glad I did this as helped my PTSD a little bit.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope everyone has a good Friday. Happy Friday and Peace Out, World!!!