Everyday Inspiration; Day 6: A Space To Write

For me having a space a good place to write also depends on the head space I am in at the moment. As of lately, I’ve been in a head space to where writing has been quite helpful for me.

When I am at hope I like to write facing my west living room window so I can look up and see the trees outside of my window. This helps me when I’m having trouble coming up with words to help me convey with what I want to say. The words someone says or writes can bring a person down or lift a person up. For me I hope that I lift folks up with what I say and write.

I say this because I’ve had harsh words said to me. Words that had me thinking about dying by suicide. (No, I’m NOT currently suicidal.) When I talk and/or write, I want to make sure my words don’t have others thinking about death by suicide.

For me the space to write all depends on my head space and is different every time I write. I like to write by water no matter my head space however that can be dependent on the weather if I write outside. I also like to write in mom and pop coffee shops. It helps with my creativity.

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