Baseball & Facebook

Good Evening, World!! I just finished watching the Seattle Mariners play against the Los Angeles Angels. The Mariners swept the Angels in a three game series. I was sad to see the Angels loose because I am from Anaheim now living in Seattle.

I have been isolating all day and know that watching the baseball game on Facebook helped a great deal. I just need to not be isolating. I think I’m going to reach out to folks so I am not isolating.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


Just Some Random Thoughts

Good Morning, World!!! I am not quite sure how I am doing this morning. I just know I got sleep and am happy about that. Sleep doesn’t come easy for me and am eager to let people know that I received a semi-good night of it.

Right now I feel like social media such as Facebook can cause me to isolate from the “real world.” I learned this when I did some of my homework for both Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and my therapist.  I learned from the homework assignments that setting a set time I spend on social media.

I am looking forward to art group. Art group happens early this afternoon. I love attending art group. Art helps me express my emotions in ways I can not explain.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

A Woe-Is-Me Moment

Good Evening, World!!! I am having a woe is me moment. I have been on Facebook a lot lately and well it feels like that everyone else have some major accomplishments in their lives. I know realistically that I have accomplishments in my life. It just  feels like I have nothing to show for my life.

The above woe is me moment is due to seeing other peoples successes and accomplishments on Facebook. This can be quite dangerous for me. I tend to compare myself to others which means I become really hard on myself. Being really hard on myself is not a good thing.

I need to be me and no one else. Thank you for reading my woe is me moment. Peace Out, World!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 7: Let Social Media Inspire You

Today’s assignment is to let social media inspire me. They gave some tweets we could use but I’m going to use social media as whole as my inspiration. I say this because social media can play a role in people mental health and well my blog is a mental health blog. I feel like if I don’t discuss how social media can affect one’s mental health then I would be doing my readers a disservice.

One can argue that social media could be helpful and it is. One can also say that social media is not helpful which is also true. I know from my experience it is combination of both. I just have to be watchful of my time on social media including me blogging. So, I guess what I am saying about mental health and social media is watch how it affects you.

Fun Fact Friday

  • The average woman uses her height in lipstick in five years
  • You cannot snore and dream at the same time.
  • In Uganda, 50% of the population is under the age of 15
  • About 8,000 Americans are injured by musical instruments each year.
  • The Twitter bird actually has a name – Larry
  • California has issued six drivers licenses to people named Jesus Christ.

Tough Valentines Day

Today, has not been the easiest of days for me to say the least. My grandma passed away earlier today. As many of you know she has been in home hospice care for a week and as of today she is no longer suffering.

I had posted on social media about my grandma’s death and well I ended up getting bullied. Bullied because I didn’t acknowledge the shooting that happened in Florida today. I was completely unaware of it as I was at Social Security most of the morning and then my therapist office the rest of the day till I got the news about my grandma.

Thankfully, I have some good friends who stuck up for me and support me when the bullying was happening. Some of these friends live near me and came over with some food to check up on me. They brought me my favorite burger from Red Robin with a butt load of fries and campfire sauce. No matter tough a day a person has, friends and food always help.

Thank you for reading. I know I will get through this with the help of many other including the blogging community. Thanks!!! Peace Out, World!!!