A Brief Post

Hello, World!!! I am a little sad at the moment. I am missing my grandma a great deal at the moment. I wish she was here to give me some advice or at least for her to tell me that everything is going to be okay even I already know that but don’t feel like it.

On the plus side my new weighted blanket is really helping at the moment. I was skeptical when I bought it and now I am convinced that it is worth the money I spent on it. I highly recommend getting one if you have anxiety. Not sure about the sleep part of the help yet, as I haven’t been to bed yet.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

2 responses to “A Brief Post

  1. I made my weighted blanket. My sense of touch becomes quite sensitive as I sleep. So, I got a weighted blanket. I also can no longer get away with wearing nightgowns. My legs need to be covered. I also had to get smooth, high thread count satin sheets. It all helps. It’s one of the sucky parts about being autistic.

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