Here’s To Hoping

Good Morning, again, World!!! I know I just posted about less than an hour ago but felt like posting again. I have forgotten to mention a couple of things since my last post.

Today, I hope to hear back from the potential employer who I have been playing email tag with to set up a job interview. I am hoping to hear back today to find out when my interview is. It is slightly anxiety provoking but it is one of those things that I will deal with.

On a plus note, I have an interview later this week for a volunteer job at the Seattle Art Museum. I am looking forward to it. Volunteering at the art museum will give me something to do and a way to meet new people.

An idea I have for the day is take my laptop with me a post about things that are going on for me at the moment. For example, I will most likely post while waiting to see my doctor. I also hope to blog while waiting to see my therapist as well but their WiFi seems to be down a great deal. The one thing I won’t do is blog while have lunch with my grandpa at Red Robin. That would just be rude. Now blogging while in the waiting rooms of my doctors and therapist office is a different story.

I honestly hope I hear back about a job interview time for sometime next week. I prefer Monday or Tuesday in the morning but realize that they need to arrange people schedules who will be doing the interviewing.

Having a job will help me immensely with my mental health. Having structure in my life is a good thing and having something what I consider productive for me is quite helpful.  Plus having the extra money will be quite helpful to help pay for stuff that I want but don’t need.

Thank you for reading. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things. I hope to blog again in the waiting room of my doctors office. Have a great and Happy Friday. Peace Out, World!!!

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