Being Jobless is Hopeless But There is Always Hope in Things

Being jobless especially in the field you desire to work in is difficult to wrap your mind around. It is hard to wrap you head around if you keep applying for jobs but not get any interviews or worse you get the interviews but not the job.

I know this because I have been in this spot a lot over the last year and half. But hope is not lost because I figure the more I apply to places and get interviews, the more my name gets out there. Which gives me hope.

The things that keeps me going is looking for jobs and applying for them even if I don’t get an interview. I say this because, my name is out there and at least I am trying to get back to work.

Another thing that keeps the hope alive is having a volunteer job to attend to. Or in my case I have two volunteer jobs I have an obligation to. I have two volunteer jobs because it makes me feel good helping other people and it also looks good on the resume’. In fact I might be getting a third volunteer job later this week if all goes well with a job interview for the volunteer job position I am desiring.

Granted having a volunteer job will not give you a pay check or money you need to pay the bills but employers do look at due to the fact that you were doing something with your time other than sitting on your butt doing nothing.

I am hoping that as I look for jobs that employers look at the volunteer work I do. In fact volunteering is what helps me be and stay hopeful. It helps because I am doing something for others that I can’t get back and that is my time. People will remember the time you give including future employers.

The hope in being jobless is that you have time to give to others that you wouldn’t have if you had a job. Yes, once I get a job I will have to reduce the amount of volunteer jobs I have but I will make sure I will still have at least one volunteer job when I do eventually get a paying job.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope that I didn’t make anyone hopeless with thing post because that wasn’t my intention. My intention was to give you hope by maybe getting a volunteer job as you wait for the paying job you need and/or desire. I want to thank you again for reading. It much appreciated. Have a great rest of your Sunday. Peace Out, World!!!


Being Jobless Sucks

Hello, again, World!!! Right now, all I can think about besides the pain in my mouth due to some weird mouth infection is how being jobless sucks. Being jobless sucks for many different reasons.  For me it sucks due to the lack of structure in my life. Having structure in my life helps a great deal with the symptoms of my mental health challenges.

Then there is the part of being jobless sucks due to the lack of money. I’m lucky enough to get a disability check but it barely pays the bills. Not having the money to do the things you enjoy are want in this world sucks however it has helped me become more appreciative of what I do have. It’s helped me become more creative on other ways to create and have fun and adventure in this world without having little to no money at all. The one thing I really want money for right now is a tattoo. Yes, that is a first world problem however I can still dream about getting another tattoo till I am able to get a job to get the money to get another job.

On a plus note, being jobless has its benefits. It has helped me get some physical health needs taken care of before going back to work. Taking care of one’s health is a must if one wants to job. I just wish my current health issue wasn’t so painful.

I am still applying and looking for jobs as I sit here and complain about being jobless. I became jobless because I resigned from my much loved job as a Peer Specialist due to the severity of my symptoms of mental health challenges. In fact I am still playing email tag with a potential employer about setting up an interview for sometime next week. I just hope the person hurries up and gets back to me sooner than later.

At least I am not giving up hope on finding job even if it is not exactly a Peer Specialist position. Just as long as it’s in a field I know I will enjoy that will be help me get another job a Peer Specialist. I hope I do find the right job for me that is preferably part time at the moment.

Thanks for reading my blog. It means a great deal to me. Peace Out, World!!!