Something Of A Taboo; Miscarriage

At this moment in time I am struggling. I am struggling with the loss of the two sets of twins I miscarried. If you regularly read my blog you know that I miscarried twice within fourteen month of each other. The first being November of 2013 and the second being January of last year (2015).

Miscarriage is something of a taboo. A taboo that needs to be spoken about more and often. Many out there don’t realize how difficult it is to loose a child to miscarriage. People naturally assume “that it’s easier to get over because you never met the child.” Well, I am sorry to say but I can argue the opposite and say it makes that much more difficult but I don’t because loosing a child, no matter how, is the most difficult thing a person can go through. It hurts when I hear comments like the one mentioned above because I heard my babies heart beats and felt them kick. I had a connection with them. A connection only myself and the father, Junior, had with them (and maybe my OBGYN and Doula).

As I sit here typing about my losses, I realize I have tears rolling down my face wishing that it wasn’t so difficult to discuss the loss. I find it difficult to discuss the miscarriage because it is never really discussed about due to being it a taboo. I just cant comprehend why miscarriages (or even stillborn children) is such a taboo topic to discuss.

It is my hope that as I blog about my experiences with mental illness, miscarriage and other things that whatever is considered taboo will be come less of a taboo. As I end this particular post I want to thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend and peace out!!

Discussing Politics

I am sitting here watching The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC with Junior. I like how she backs up what she has to says while other shows similar to hers do not. Junior and I enjoy watching various cable news stations despite how some can be quite infuriating most of the time (not going to name the station: FOXNESWS). In fact we like to watch the various cable news stations because we like to hear what all of themĀ (the stations) have to say about what is going on in the world but mostly what is going on politically especially the 2016 Presidential race.

I realize that discussing politics can be an extremely touchy subject to talk about. Yes, it may be a touchy subject but we all have a particular issue that matters to us more deeply than other issues. For instance one of the many issues that is close to my heart is that of mental health and how nobody pays attention to it until a tragedy of some sort happens such of a mass shooting or the suicide of Robin Williams. We all know why I am so passionate about mental health and that is one of the many reasons why I am paying more attention to this election than previous elections.

I love getting involved with politics and am planning on getting involved as soon as I figure out on who I am going to back for the 2016 elections. I am researching the various candidates in both major political parties to see who will best represent on what I am looking for in a President or any other political office for that matter.

Well, I best be going because I want to finish watching The Rachel Maddow Show. Have a wonderful evening and enjoy what this world has to bring you. Peace Out!!!