Wednesday Afternoon Rambilings

Hello, World!!! As, I mentioned in my last post I went out to lunch with some friends. Spending time with friends helped my anxiety a great deal. I am beyond grateful that spending time with friends helped me and my anxiety.

After coming home from lunch I attempted to take a nap due to not getting sleep last night. I, unfortunately, was unable to sleep due to the fire alarm going off again. This time it wasn’t a false alarm like it normally is. Someone had a grease fire from cooking. Not sure what they were cooking but I am sure it is not edible now.

Now, I am going to reading one of the books I am reading. A book that I am enjoying immensely. I encourage you to read Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb.

Have a great afternoon. Thank you for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!

One response to “Wednesday Afternoon Rambilings

  1. I had a really horrible anxiety attack today, to the point where I couldn’t breathe. I can’t properly manage my emotions. It was due to a situation coming up about e where I had no control over what would happen. I got really worried about it. I protect myself from being hurt by controlling situations involving myself. I could not be present for this one and started losing it with my anxiety. ________________________________

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