Nothing Much To Say

Hello, World!!! I sit here wondering if I should have kept my appointments with my vocational (employment) specialist and therapist. I have a feeling that I am going to regret cancelling however the mouth infection I have is making it difficult to talk due to the pain of the infection. You would think that the doctors at the hospital would admit me to the hospital for I.V antibiotics but they say it’s not “severe enough” which maybe I need to be grateful for. Another thing I am grateful for despite poor dental hygiene is that the infection has nothing to do with my dental health. I do see my regular doctor on Friday for this stupid infection that fucking won’t go away.

On a side note I have been playing email tag with a potential employer about setting up an interview for sometime next week. It would only be one to two shifts a week which would equal twelve to twenty four hours a week. The shifts are twelve hours due to it being an overnight shelter for homeless young adults.  Working with people who are currently and/or formally homeless is a passion of mine and really hope that I get this job. Yes, I know that the interview hasn’t been set up yet but at least that is in the works. Dealing with homeless individuals for me is easy because all they want are the basics in life.

Thank you for reading. It is very much appreciated from my end. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Peace Out, World!!!


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  1. It’s also a passion of mine to work with the homeless and I have a personal connection having been homeless before for two years myself.

    Recently, a group I work with the helps feed at a local park that is miles from the regular services, yet the homeless are around, got into a fight with local residents and was featured on the news. The news, as they seem to often do, skewed the facts of a recent event that got the residents surrounding the park up in arms. A woman was recently beatened by a homeless man in her home near the park. The news made it seem like this homeless man was from the park. But, very few recognized him. We certainly don’t. The local residents also started painting a bad picture of this group by posting pictures of trash left in the park by the homeless and blaming this group. This is where things are at now as the local residents fight to get the group out and the group fights to keep helping.

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