An Ambien Fog Post While Still Sleepless in Seattle

Good morning, world. I am doing another Ambien fogged post while being Sleepless in Seattle. I highly don’t recommend you do this at all. Probably not one of my wisest choices I have done but certainly the worst I have done in an Ambien fog.

Right now my moth infection is what is keeping me up and the Ambien isn’t helping me sleep like it usually does. So I am blaming my physical illness on not being able to sleep due to the pain. There is only so much Ambien can do and it can’t help with pain. I just wish the doctors would have given me stronger than ibuprofen but hopefully my regular doctor will on Friday when I see her.

Right now, I am worrying about my cat as she is home alone since I am at my grandpa’s house. I know she is all right as a neighbor checked on her and said she as okay. I love my cat, Lil Gertie so much.

Besides worrying about Lil Gertie, I am worried about my health care and how much it is going to cost me. Now that Trump is in office I lost most what I got due to Obamacare.  I just wish Trump didn’t take away my much need health care away. I am a working class person and was doing well with ObamaCare and now that trump is in office I’m not getting good medical.

This is why I always volunteer for specific people running for office as well as going out and voting. Its a way that I know my voice is heard in a weird sort of way.

The Ambien fog is really kicking in if I am talking political on my post. I just hope that the tags I have put up bring new people to read my post. It might be a first post but at least it won’t be boring and at least it will be weird.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone has a happy Tuesday and gets some rest like I am planning on it. Good Night and Peace Out, World!!!

5 responses to “An Ambien Fog Post While Still Sleepless in Seattle

  1. I’m sure there is no actual solace in this but healthcare in the states just sucks all the way around, not just for those who were using the ACA. My plan is something like 500 a month. I pay 350 and my former employer pays the rest. The deductible was only 2000, compared to the 6000 of the cheaper plan. The max out of pocket is 7500, which I’ve almost met. Fortunately, with this plan I have an 80/20 split and a copay. But I can only see Baylor Scott & White providers. And almost no therapists are in network. Anything out of network won’t be reimbursed, so I still pay about 1000 a month on therapy (group and individual).

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