UGH, A Sleepless Type of Night In Seattle

Good Fucking Morning, World!!! I might as well as stay up for the rest of the day since I have had pretty much no sleep last night. I think I got about an hour to an hour and a half of sleep. I am full of various emotions right now due to the lack of sleep. It is six o’clock in the morning my time and might as well as try to make a good day out of a shitty night.

I first couldn’t sleep due to health problems. Health problems regarding a weird ass mouth infection with massive pain. I was finally able to get to sleep after reading a couple of Wonder Woman comic books.

After sleeping for about an hour and half the building fire alarm goes off because some jerk of a neighbor pulls the fire alarm pull stations on every floor and wakes up the whole fucking building pissing everyone one off. Now that I have a cat I have to make sure I get her out safely just in case it is real fire. Thankfully, it was not a real fire however it still scared the shit out of me and Lil Gertie as well as all the animals in the building and the neighbors. Lil Gertie was not like the sound of the fire alarm whatsoever.

On the plus side I am taking my grandpa out to lunch at Red Robin. Red Robin in my favorite restaurant. I love their hamburgers there. I love the atmosphere  there as well.  I am looking forward to some good food later today with my grandpa.

AS much as the lack of sleep and the fire alarm going off did a number on my mental health challenges, I am grateful that I have a blogging community that cares. I am also grateful that I have a grandpa that will go to Red Robin with me to have some awesome food.

Thank you so very much for reading my post. I am hope I am not boring you with the boring drama of my health issues and the lack of sleep. I am appreciative of all of you and hope you have a good Thursday. Peace Out, World!!!

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