Doctor’s Appointment, Nightmare and Ramblings

     Hey! It’s still Thursday. I did manage to get back to sleep after my horrific nightmare this morning. My boyfriend helped me a great deal with getting me grounded. My boyfriend is a big support to me. I love him with all my heart. Of course reading Wonder Woman comic books helped a great deal with me being able to relax. My boyfriend of course helped me with some relaxation techniques that worked really well.

     I went to my doctors appointment regarding my burned fingers. One of them is healing up just fine. The other two have blisters on them. That means when I go to work tomorrow I have to have gauss on them with a glove over it. I am just happy that I can go to work tomorrow. I do have to see my doctor again next week to see how my fingers are healing. 

     Speaking of work, I am happy that I am able to go to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is my last shift before I go on vacation. I’m not planning anything much during my vacation. I am planning on going to a baseball game with my boyfriend. I love baseball. Baseball is one of my favorite sports. I am also planning on watching the World Cup. I am going to watch the United States play against Portugal on Sunday. Obviously, I will be watching it on T.V. and will be watching it with my boyfriend.  GO USA!!!!

     As I told you in an earlier blog entry the days I see my therapist have changed. I now see my therapist on Mondays. In fact I saw my therapist this past Monday. I am grateful that I see her on Mondays now. Therapy can be quite difficult a great deal of the time.

     I best be going now. I will tell you more on what I will do on my vacation once I am off work tomorrow. I will blog again tomorrow. Until then have a great Thursday. Peace out and have fun in this world of ours.