Yet, Another Post About Randomness Shit

Good Evening, World!!! I have more randomness to discuss. Let’s talk about the government. They, specifically, Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) are cutting off paying for my medicare premiums which I think is a mistake on their part. Then my spend down went from two hundred to four thousand dollars. How can one afford health care with out the help of DSHS. I don’t qualify for certain insurance because I have Medicare but I can afford the premiums for Medicare. How am I suppose to get health care now? No sense in worrying about it now. I’ll call them tomorrow when I have time.  Oh ya, I lost my food stamps all together now because DSHS thinks I make double of what I make now which I think is a computer glitch on their end which is why I am going to call them tomorrow.

On that note, I am still playing email tag about setting up a time next week for a job interview. A job that I really want to get and have. It is only one to two shifts a week and each shift is twelve hours. It is an over night shift but I am okay with it. I just hope I really get the interview soon and the job as quickly as possible.

I’m wondering if the universe and it’s gods and goddesses are putting me through this to make me a stronger person. A person to be a much better advocate not just for myself but for others. An advocate for those who can’t speak up for themselves or haven’t had a chance to find their voice yet.  I hope and pray to the universe full of Goddesses and Gods that I become what I want to become, a voice for those who haven’t found theirs yet. It is also my hope that I find the job that is meant for me

Thank for reading more of my randomness shit. I hope you all aren’t getting sick of it. I surely am getting sick of it. On the plus side its getting people to read my blog and have had a hand full of people follow my blog today.

I know things will work out for me. They always do even if it’s not as quick as I would like it to be. I am slowly learning patience in my recovery. Thank you all for being apart of my recovery.

Thank you so much for reading. It means a great deal to me and I am appreciative of it. Peace Out, World!!!


A Day of Information

Good Morning, World!!! Today is a going to be a day of “information” for those of us that live in the United States. What I mean by that is that this evening is the State of the Union address. I rarely watch them because its the same bullshit every year.

Something that won’t be the same bullshit for me today is that I will be having a phone interview. I’ve never had a phone interview before and hope that I do well on the interview. It’s for a peer specialist job. I am looking forward to the future and have hope.

Having hope is a major deal for everyone especially for those who are in recovery. Recovery is something that is really important for me. Being in recovery no matter how tough it may be is well worth it. It means I’m living a life worth living.

Thank you for reading. Peace, Out World!!!

Weekly Check-In

Good Morning, World!!! I am doing my weekly check-in early today because I’m going to be busy today and I have no clue how tired I may or may not be when I get home tonight.

It’s going to be a busy day for me because I’m going to be going to the women’s march again this year. I went last year and enjoyed myself and was happy that I went. This year I expect the same thing expect the weather is not as nice as last year. I will be marching for a multitude of reasons that I may share in a later post.

After the march I will be volunteering. I’m looking forward to this as I missed the last two weeks of volunteering due to being in the hospital as well as just barely out of the hospital.

As many of you who live the United States (U.S) know, it appears that the government is going to shut down once again. The Democrats are blaming the Republicans while the Republicans are blaming the Democrats. I’m blaming both parties as they are both to blame for not working together. I am unable to comprehend why politicians still get paid if the government shuts down while many other government employees do not get paid.

As many of you know this past week I start a workbook on resiliency regarding my gender identity as being gender nonconforming as well as few other things I identify with regarding gender. The resiliency part of the workbook regarding gender and being queer can play a major part of other aspects of our lives. Which is a part of why I’m going to be marching today; resiliency. If it wasn’t for my resiliency with my mental health recovery I don’t think I would be marching today much less working on the workbook.

I also did a lot of art this week. I painted and collaged a great deal as well as colored. Art appears to be quite helpful for me as it helps me relax and is a great distraction. I wish I started painting earlier in my life however I am beyond grateful that I am doing it now.

Thank you for reading. I really appreciate that I have people who regularly read my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader I don’t know if I would have continued my blog. Have a wonderful weekend as well as a great Saturday. If you plan on marching today please keep it peaceful as if it is not then our voices won’t be heard like we would like it to be heard. Peace Out, World.