It’s Going To Be A Busy Weekend

Good Morning, World!!! I know I just posted about an hour ago about how my Friday went. Well this post is going to be how busy my weekend is going to be going. I am going to be going to a facilitator training both today and tomorrow at a local peer run program. This training to help be a volunteer co-facilitator at this peer run program. The training is both today and tomorrow.

I know it it will be an intense training and am prepared for it as much as I can be emotionally. Trainings are quite emotionally draining and I have prepared as much as one can be prepared for such training’s.

I should get going as I need to get ready for the day. Have a great weekend. Peace Out, World!!!


It’s Been A Good May Day

Good Evening, World!!! Today has been a great day. I, of course went to my job interview. I feel like I nailed it. It well off really well or I thought it did.

Another thing I did today was meet with one of the politicians that serves the area I live in. I discussed with him about the recovery and peer support. He appeared highly interested in both. In fact our meeting last about an hour.

When I got home I emailed my other politicians about the same thing I discussed with the politician I met with today. Except I left it short and sweet. It is my hope that I can meet up with one more politician before the end of May but I know realistically won’t happen.

Thank you for reading. I feel satisfied with what I did for May Day 2018. Peace Out, World!!!

More Ramblings From Me, Gertie

Hello, World!!! The workshop I was suppose to attend got cancelled. I am okay with that as I was able to do something else. I was still able to have lunch with my friend and hang out with her for an hour. It was good company to be with a fellow peer who has a Masters in Social Work. (MSW). My friend thinks I would make a great social worker and would love me to get my education. Hell, I would love me to get my education. My friend and I discussed a great deal on on how Peer Support and Social Work have a lot in common.

Speaking of social work, my therapist is a social worker. We did our fifteen minute check in over the phone today. We discussed the disappointment I had with the workshop being cancelled. We also talked about the joy I had spending time with my friend. Before we ended our conversation we talked about what I was going to do for the weekend. I informed my therapist that I would most likely be working on one of my workbooks. He asked which one and I said probably the three that I am currently working on. I informed him I’ll try to do a chapter in all of them and that one of them is almost done and if I finish before my session with him on Tuesday that I would like to discuss it with him. He likes the idea of discussing the workbooks I do.

I think I am going to do a painting for my friend as she requested me to do one for her. She doesn’t care of what. She is going to be paying me for it which I told her she didn’t need to do so.

After painting, I think I am going to read. I love reading as it helps me a great deal.

Thanks for reading. Happy Friday. Peace Out, World!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 1: I Write Because…

Good Morning, World!!! I write for a multiple reasons. Reasons, I had planned to write about and reasons that were unexpected. Let’s start by why I started my blog. I started my blog for two main reasons. The first reason was to help educate people who don’t have lived experience that folks like myself who do have lived experience can live a productive life. It may not be productive in the eyes of a “normal” person but productive from my perspective.

The second reason I started blogging was to give those who struggle with a mental health condition/challenge that there is hope in choosing to live in active recovery whatever that may look like to the individual reading. Yes, I’ve shared by heartbreak and struggles here but I’ve gotten up and wiped myself off and hope that what I share give those who have lived experience some sort of hope.

There were some unexpected reasons I blog. The first happens to be advocacy. I didn’t realize that I could advocate here on my blog. Advocacy is something I love to do and am proud that I am able to do it on my blog. The other unexpected reason I write is that I have found that it helps me with my own recovery. My recovery means the world to me.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate all of you because if it wasn’t for you the reader I would not be writing on this blog. Thanks, again. Peace Out, World!!!

Mr. Sandman Skipped Me, Again

Hello, World!!! I am having trouble sleeping once again. I’m getting frustrated with not being able to sleep. Sleeping is vital to one’s recovery or at least mine which is why I am wanting to be able to get a decent nights sleep.

Since I am unable to sleep I have been working on one of my workbooks. Actually, I think I’ll work on the mindfulness workbook as it might help me get into a wiser mind. Mindfulness has been helping me with a great deal of things like sleep.

After doing a workbook I think I’ll read a few pages in my book. I am really wanting to finish is soon. I have only been reading ten to twenty pages at a time due to lack of concentration from depression.

Depression sucks just as much as insomnia but that is why I am doing some things this next week to help with them. Things that I didn’t put in my Weekly Plans post as I realized that I could do the activities after I posted it. The activities that will help with the depression are peer run groups at a peer run community center.

Thank you for reading. Have a good work week everyone. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Check-In

Good Evening, World!!! If you been reading my blog this past week you know that my grandma passed away. It’s been quite difficult for me and my family especially my grandpa. My grandparents were married for 62 1/2 years so of course its going to be difficult for him.

My friends have been a wonderful source of support the last few days. Friends who have no fear of seeing me cry or giving me reality checks when needed. Hell, my friends are stubborn ass mules just like I am. I think that’s what makes my friends awesome. They don’t put up with my bullshit.

Speaking of friends, I went to Red Robin with two of my closest friends. We had some yummy food. Food that is good for the soul.

I didn’t go to my volunteer job this evening primarily because of the grief I am dealing with regarding my grandma. People are pretty understanding about it. Having some awesome peer support is great.

Thank you for reading and Peace Out, World!!!

I Miss My Grandma

Hello, World!!! I’m having a really strong moment of grief. Grief of loosing my grandma. I wish she was still here however I know she is watching over me as my guardian angel.

With the loss of my grandma, I’ve been receiving some great support from friends and fellow peer specialist. Support from people that I didn’t even know that cared. Having folks check in with me has been quite helpful for me.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!