The Woes of the Days, So Far

Good Afternoon, World!!! Well, it is just barely after twelve noon in my part of the world. Actually, to be exact it is twelve eleven in the afternoon to be exact.

I am having a moment of grief as I am blogging. I am miss my grandma. I miss everything about her especially the small things she would do for me. I love her so much and wish she was still alive. Reality is she is not going to rise from the dead.

Despite grieving over my grandma, I am doing okay at the moment. I can’t say that for one of my neighbors as they are appearing to be in crisis. A bad enough crisis that they had to go to the hospital to get evaluated. This person pulled the fire alarm several times since my last post. The fire alarm is annoying as hell but it is meant to be that way for folks to leaver their apartment. Yet, when the fire alarm is going off due to someone being in crisis it makes it harder to believe it is the real thing. I just wish the person wasn’t in crisis. Not because the fire alarm in annoying as hell but because being in crisis sucks shit.

Now, I am going to relax by reading my book. I am thrilled that I can get out of my head by reading especially a book I really enjoy. Having a book that is difficult to put down is a great problem to have.

Tanks you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

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