Gertie’s On Their Way To Their Interview

Hello!!! It is I, Mama Bear. I realize it have been a few weeks since I last posted. I have been quite busy with family and work. My youngest child is going through their own mental health crisis and needed to focus on that. I requested Gertie not share that as I want to share more about my family when I post. Today is not the day I will post about my family as I want to discuss Gertie and their job interview.

At this very moment Gertie is on their way to their job interview. It is my hope that Gertie gets this job as I know them well enough that they do better with their mental health symptoms when they are working. It is my hope that they get the job they want. Gertie is aware that I don’t think this is the right job for them but if it is meant to be they will be offered the job and Gertie will accept it if it fits their schedule and value system. Gertie is an extremely wise person and will do what is best for them with much consultation from individuals such as myself and Junior. It is my hope that Gertie does well and gets this job if it is meant for them.

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