Yucky Weather + Depression = Reading

Good Evening, World!!! Right now I am dealing with some increase of depression symptoms. Which is not a good thing because the weather is just yucky outside. Yucky weather doesn’t help with the increase of symptoms.

Since the increase of depressive symptoms and yucky weather I am going to read. Hell, it is perfect weather to be curled up in bed with a good book. A book to help me forget about my symptoms even though I know it is temporary.

In fact it was my therapist that suggested that I read. He works odd hours and I am okay with that as it appears that it fits what I need at the moment. He works five days a week and two of those days his hours are 9am to 5pm while the other three days are 12noon to 8pm. Today is one of those days he is in the office till 8pm. That is why I was able to talk to him this late.

I think I am going to take the suggestion to go and read. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend and Peace Out, World!!!

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