Friday Plans

Good Morning, World!!! Happy Friday to all of you. Today, is going a day of learning and growing for me or at least that is what my plan is. Plans that include things I oddly enjoy doing.

First and fore most one of the things I am planning on doing today is listen to educational podcast. Specifically, a podcast on philosophy called Philosophize This. I have fallen in love with this podcast for many reasons. One reason is I am learning things that I never learned in school.

Another thing I am going to be doing today is to work on one of my workbooks. I am not sure which one yet or even if I am going to work on multiple workbooks. I do workbooks  to help myself with my recovery. In fact I think the workbooks have helped me improve my ability to be more self aware.

Later on today I am going to a workshop on the implantation of recovery services in the county I live in. I am looking forward to it and have been since I heard about it last week. One of the folks putting it on is a friend of mine. A friend of mine that will be buying me a “late lunch.” I am not only looking forward to this workshop because of seeing my friend and getting food but I am able to help implement recovery services or at least have a say in it.

Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

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