A Relaxing Saturday

Good Afternoon, World!!! I have been having a relaxing Saturday. I have been watching movies pretty much all day. Movies on Netflix and Hulu. Movies that helped me get into a creative space.

A creative space to be able to paint. I painted while listening to music. I attempted to paint a squirrel. It didn’t turn out as planned but that is okay because the paintings that didn’t turn out as planned are the most original and unique paintings out there. The music playing the background is what helped me keep with the flow of painting.

Now I am going to go take a nap as I am tired. I have only had three hours of sleep in the last two days . Have a great rest of your Saturday. Peace Out, World!!!

2 responses to “A Relaxing Saturday

  1. I had quite a hectic day so far. My hair wouldn’t cooperate. I worked a booth for a friend and soon I’m headed to the big rockabilly weekend.

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