Daily Check-Ins + Homework = Good Therapist

Good Afternoon, World!!! My therapist checked in with me to see how I am doing after my self harm act last night. He is now putting me on daily check ins as a precaution. They don’t have to be in person but he is concerned about me and rightfully so.

Besides the daily check-ins he will be giving me daily assignments to do. So we will be discussing my assignments in our regular sessions. Which I am planning on doing. One of the assignments he wants me to do is paint a picture of how I am feeling today. He also want me to write a paper on it as well. I like this type of homework.

My therapist wants me to use the skill’s that I do on the normal basis as part of my homework. Like the painting and the writing . I am looking forward to doing this .

Thank  you for reading my weird blog right now. Peace Out, World!!!

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