Ugh, It’s Monday Morning

Good Morning, World!!! It is still morning here in Seattle. Hell, it is still morning in all time zones of the United States. And it is Monday morning at that. Monday mornings are not any fun for most people in the world as it is the start of another work week.

I read in the news paper that asthma studies have been happening to reverse it even in adults. This is a good thing for me as I have asthma. Millions of people are affected by asthma around the world.

I should find out some time today if I am making money on the advertisements on my blog. If I’m not making the money then I am most likely taking the advertisements off my blog.

Something I have done today and haven’t done in a few days is mindfulness practice. I have found this quite helpful in starting my day. It is not the cure all but it sure is more helpful than people realize. It is not easy to do but again it is worth it.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

One response to “Ugh, It’s Monday Morning

  1. I often wonder why we all hate Mondays and love Fridays? It made sense in school. But, not when MOST adults work 6-7 days a week, including weekends for MOST. It’s like we’ve been conditioned to feel this way. But, they just seem like another day to me. In fact, I love Mondays because the mail is delivered again after the Sunday break and I love getting mail, even bills. I love getting things taken care of.

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