Friday Morning Random Thoughts

Good Morning, World!!! I am still depressed but I am making plans for the day. Plans that will help me get out of my own head. Getting out of my own today will be a good thing as my depression is acting up slightly at the moment.

One of the things I plan on doing is reading. I, of course will be reading my Star Wars book. I am immensely enjoying the Star Wars book. I am looking forward to what the next book in this trilogy of the Star Wars book.

Like I mentioned in my last post my therapist is taking a vacation day so his supervisor is going to be doing my check-in with me today. She is an extremely nice person. In fact she likes that I idea that I have a check in on Fridays and Mondays about my weekend plans and how those plans went.

I think I am also going to be doing my workbooks. Specifically, my recovery workbook that focuses on strengths and recovery. Recover from a mental health challenge. I know I have recovered from one as it is only one of hand full you can recover from but I believe with my other diagnosis I can have the symptoms subside to where I can say I am recovered for me.

Some sad news now. There has been yet another school shooting. This time in Texas. They are are saying that an “unconfirmed eight people are dead.” Why do these shootings keep happening? This is why we need gun control in this country.

Thank you for reading, Have a wonderful day. Peace Out, World!!!

3 responses to “Friday Morning Random Thoughts

  1. Yesterday, I got some fabric for a new sewing pattern I ordered that arrived. I found a few bolts on sale and purchased fabric for a 1930s beach pajamas set I got a pattern for and have been wanting to make too. So, I think I may be working on these today. I have laundry to do today also, plus I have other sewing projects I’ve already started sewing together I could work on.

      • Just like you, it really helps me to have tasks that I NEED to do….otherwise, they pile up on me and I feel overwhelmed. Plus, I like the feeling of accomplishing things. If I don’t have things to do, I get into my mind too much and this triggers my depression symptoms. For me, and I guess this is true for all with depression, its always there….its just certain things trigger the symptoms. It never truly goes away. It can become more manageable though.

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