Getting Excited

Good Morning, World!!! I am getting excited as I am planning on getting a cat today. The cat will be an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Getting an ESA will help reduce the symptoms of my Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

Having an animal of any kind has been proven to be helpful to reduce people’s symptoms’s of their mental health diagnosis. This is why my therapist has suggested and supported me getting an ESA. I can’t wait to tell him tomorrow about it as well as during our session on Tuesday.

Before I get the cat I have to go to the pet store and get more supplies for my new kitty. I already have food and litter. I just need a litter box, treats and toys. I also need to get a carrier for the cat.

I need to get going as I the excitement as I write this is getting overwhelming for me. Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


One response to “Getting Excited

  1. I have 2 cats and a bird. My bird is an umbrella cockatoo. Her name is Lyric and she is my ESA. She goes almost EVERYWHERE with me. There are some restrictions though. We have a very deep and special bond and she actually gets concerned and knows when and how to comfort me.

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