I Think I Might Like the Job but Could it Be the Job that is Best for Me

Hello, World!!! After three days of training at my new job has worn me the fuck out with all the training the last three days. I am thinking I’m going to like the new job but worry it could not be best for me. I really hope it is a good fit for me. I just don’t like the commute on public transportation part of work. I think that which ever direction this new job is to me is what I need to do at the moment. I have the day off but will still be looking work stuff all newbies need to look at.

On that note I plan on doing a math workbook to help me better at math and understand math terms better. It will give me an education in math that I’ve need since leaving California and getting a shitty education in the Bellevue School District.

On another note I will be doing two workbooks tomorrow. One on mindfulness and the other on recovery. Recovery with mental health workbooks. This is to help me become a better me to help other be their better selves.

I don’t have anything else to say. I just want to say thanks for reading my blog.


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