In Celebration of Betty White’s 100th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Betty White!!!! Your are to be celebrated today for many reasons. One of which is your love for animals and how you took care of them and loved them with all your heart. You deserve a spell space in heave for taking care of both animal and humans a like.i

I remember one time I met you my freshman year of high school and you took the time to talk with m for a half an hour and you encouraged me to never give up on my dreams despite my disabilities. I will always remember that. I will always remember looking on the pictures of m cat and dog telling how precisions hey were and they will love me unconditionally till the day the pass away. I know my animals love me know matter what and will never forget our conversation when I was a young freshmen in high school. Thank your for the wonderful memories.

Honoring Betty White on Her 100th Birthday

Good Morning, World!!! Today would have Betty White’s 100th birthday. I am sure that most of the world would be rooting for her to make to her 1l00th birthday. Sadly, she did not make it and was a wonderful woman and wonder that broke breakers in her time.

Most people don’t realize that she started in radio. Betty also failed at a lot of shows yet persevered with making sure her dreams came true. She not only did television shows but did many movies. Both television shows and movies proved how comical she was.. Not to mention just being a good all around comedian to make people laugh till they peed their pants.

On that note, I would like to take this time out to to encourage to donate money and/or time to help animals in need. I originally started volunteer time time as a local shelter as I had no money to donate so I donated my time and still do even though I can now donate money, I donate it as it is a great feeling to donate both time and money. If you can not donate money don’t worry about it as I am sure she will be grateful if you could only volunteer tear an hour week to he[p animals.

So, I ask that you either donate you time in volunteering your time at an animal shelter and/or donate your money to honor her legacy with he love of animals. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. it is greatly appreciated from my end of things that you read my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader, reading my blog I would not be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Plans


  • Mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Work on workbooks focused on what I need to do for my recovery.
  • Sadly, I can volunteer a Cat City due having Covid-19 but I get to volunteer at home by calling inactive volunteers to see if they want to come back or remain furloughed due to being precautious of Covid-19.
  • Walk around the block. (Wish the Covid-19 fatigue will allow me to walk more but just grateful to be able to walk around the block.)
  • Read
  • Figure out some SMART goals for 2022 (some I have mention and will mention in this post.)
  • Learn about Tarot and Tarot Cards
  • Journal about my day
  • Of course spend time my cat, Billie


  • Mindfulness meditation practice
  • Spend time reflecting on Betty White legacy to animals as today will be her 100th birthday. I am grateful for her love of animals of all kinds.
  • Work on workbooks focused on my recovery needs
  • Walk around the block
  • Volunteer by calling new donor’s to PAWS thanking them for donating and how grateful paws is for their donation.
  • Continue to learn about Tarot and Tarot Cards
  • Continue to work on figuring out goals for 2022
  • Journal
  • Time with my awesome cuddle bug of a cat, Billie.


  • Mindfulness meditation practice
  • Walk around the block
  • Work
  • Work on workbooks regarding my recovery
  • Continue to learn about Tarot and Tarot Cars
  • Work on small goals to complete the big goals for 2022
  • Journal


  • Mindfulness meditation practice
  • Walk around the block
  • Work
  • Work on workbooks focused on my own recovery
  • Define my goals to small goals to accomplish the bigger goals for 2022
  • Continue to learn about tarot and tarot card
  • Journal
  • Of course have time with Billie my cat the love bug who loves barbeque potato chips


  • Mindfulness meditation practice
  • Walk around block
  • Work
  • Work on recovery focused work book
  • Get a Covid test done to hoping to confirm I am Covid-19 negative
  • Journal
  • Focus on goals for new year and see how realistic they are for 2022


  • Mindfulness meditation practice
  • Walk around the block
  • Work
  • Work on workbooks related to my recovery
  • Focus on the realistically for my 2022 goals specifically the smaller ones to be able to accomplish the bigger ones
  • Continue to learn about Tarot and Tarot Card
  • Journal


  • Mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Walk around two blocks
  • Work on recovery focused workbooks
  • Spend time with my extra loving cat.
  • Hopefully be able to do a tarot card reading on myself and journal about it.

Side note I will let you know what my 2022 goals are at some part this week. Both the Big goals and the small goals to accomplish the big ones.