Spending Time With Grandpa

Good Evening, World!!! It is ten o’clock at night in my corner of the world. I have been spending time with my grandpa as I am staying the night at his place tonight. We went to Red Robin to have a nice meal with wonderful service. After eating at Red Robin, we came back to my grandpa’s place and I applied for a job.

A part time job as a peer specialist. I was going to apply for my jobs but I got to sleepy to do so, so I feel asleep for about three hours. Sleep that I desperately need. Now that I am up and awake I plan on applying for more jobs as a peer specialist.

I am looking forward to my volunteer job interview with the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) on Thursday. I am looking forward to this because it will help me gain more of a community in the art community. Plus if I get the volunteer job it will look good on the resume’.

No need to worry about Lil Gertie, my cat, as she is being taking care of my a friend of mine who happens to be a neighbor. A friend who is really good with animals. He should be called the animal whisper.

Well, I am going to get going and watch the news. Have a wonderful night everyone. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

More Randomness With Some Oddities

Good Afternoon, World!!! It appears that I find myself at wits end with a bunch of randomness things to share with all of you. I have no clue why I am full of random stuff to share with you today but I do.

Let’s start with me getting an interview for a volunteer job at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). I am of course going to dress up in interview attire to make a good impression even though it is just for a volunteer position. I know it is just a volunteer job but I hope I get it as it will help me learn more about the arts as well as make me more of a well rounded person. Plus, it will look good on the resume’ as well.

As far as trying to get an interview for an actual paying job, that appears to be more challenging at the moment as I was informed that they would get back to me sometime today with an interview time. I know with job interviews that there always seems to be at least two if not three interviewers in the room and trying to get everyone’s schedule to get into sync with each others is difficult to do.  I just hope they get back to me today however it seems pretty unlikely at the moment even though its not even two forty-five in the afternoon yet.

I haven’t been watching much television as of lately. Actually, I have watched any at all today. I am not sure why. Maybe because there is usually nothing good on television to begin with. I haven’t even watched any movies or anything on HULU or Neflix. Maybe I am just enjoying the quite.

My mouth infection is still causing me some major pain. Thankfully, I see my doctor tomorrow morning. Hopefully, she will give me so stronger antibiotics for the infection. I am also hope she could give me something stronger than ibuprofen but it’s the stronger antibiotics that would be most helpful to me.

Thank you for reading yet another post on nothing but randomness. It appears that my post today have been quite random in nature. Again, thank you for reading. I hope you have great Thursday. Peace Out, World!!!