Looking Forward To Saturday

     Well it’s Thursday and that means its my Sunday. The good thing is when I get off work tomorrow I will be on vacation once again. This time I am actually doing something on my vacation. I am going to go visit my brother for his birthday. Tomorrow (Friday) night my boyfriend and I are going to be stay at my brothers place. Saturday and Sunday my boyfriend and I are going to be staying in a hotel. Anyway, Saturday we are going to be having a barbequing at my brothers place for his birthday. The unfortunate part about my brother party on Saturday is that my mother is going to be there. When the barbeque is over with my boyfriend and I are going to check into the hotel. After we are settled in at the hotel my boyfriend and I are going to meet up with my brother and go to the fair. We might even watch the parade. I’m looking forward to it. My boyfriend and I have plans on Sunday as well. I will tell you more in a blog on Saturday.

     If you read yesterdays blog you all know that I was scheduled to have an interview today. Unfortunately, the interview didn’t happen due to no fault of my own. I went and they have to reschedule because the lost the paper work I was suppose to fill out. They even lost the interview questions they were going to ask me. They have all that stuff on the computer however there computer system went down sometime last night and wont be fixed till sometime Monday or Tuesday. You would think they would have extra copies and know where those copies are just in case the computers go down. I was a little frustrated at first but saw the humor in it as well. Hell, I still find it a little humorous. They couldn’t reschedule with me cause everyone’s schedule is on the dam computers. Oh well life happens.

   Well, I need to get going. I need to pack for tomorrow so my boyfriend and I can leave after I get off work. I wont be blogging tomorrow because of work and staying at my brothers place. My brother doesn’t have Wi-Fi or internet access. I do hope to blog on Saturday to let you know how everything went with my brother. Hopefully my mother doesn’t start any drama at my brothers birthday party. Anyway, I need to get going. Have a good rest of your Thursday. Peace out till Saturday.


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