Sleepless in Rainier Than Usual Seattle

Good Morning, World. It is just past three o’clock in the morning in my corner of the world and I am tired as hell. For some reason I am unable to sleep right now. Listening to the rain is helping me stay relaxed and calm.

Another thing that is calming me is my book. It is helping me not think about things that are bothering me at the moment. It is nice to be able to be so into a book and enjoy the world the author has created.

Thank you for reading. It is much appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!

3 responses to “Sleepless in Rainier Than Usual Seattle

  1. I’m not on social media, so it’s nice commenting on your posts. I read a lot of blogs. But, I feel you are most open about yourself and available. That makes me feel comfortable talking to you this way. As a person with high functioning autism, social media aggravated my already present depression and anxiety symptoms, which unfortunately come with being an adult autistic. I currently don’t see any mental health help. It’s not available at an affordable cost to me as I’m not deemed a risk. I had a terrible autistic meltdown yesterday. I hate that I often can’t communicate properly with my partner. It gets frustrating and I lose control of myself and throw things. I hate that I don’t make friends easily and people think I’m weird. I don’t feel weird, I just find life difficult……too difficult at times.

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    • Social media is a scary place. I am thrilled that you aren’t as fearful to comment on my blog as you are on others. I attempt to be as real as possible. I am glad you feel comfortable commenting.

      • Thank you, Gertie. Sometimes, it helps to talk to someone else who will just listen (or read), you know? I find it hard to start conversations face to face. y verbal communication skills aren’t that great. I often feel as if there is a blockage between my brain and my mouth. Its nice to know you are like an ear I can talk to. I like knowing just by reading your posts, it is helping you too.

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