A Lazy Saturday

Good Evening, World!!! As I write this I am listening to Philosophize This, a podcast on philosophy. I am really enjoying this podcast. I, recently started listening to podcast and this is one that I have started. I decided to start listening to the first one and work my way up to the most current one. I figure if I listen to two to three a day I can get to the most current one by the end of the year.

Besides listening to podcast on philosophy, I’ve been working on my workbooks. Specifically, I have been working on my mindfulness workbook. For me being able to focus on mindfulness has been quite helpful for my recovery process.

Since we are on the topic of mindfulness, I also journaled in my guided journal that focuses on mindfulness. Today’s entry was about mindfulness reminders. So, I got a bunch of sticky notes to remind me to do mindfulness practices.

I have also been focusing a great deal on art today. I have been painting as I listened to podcast. I have also been doing some coloring. For me art is a type of mindfulness practice. It also helps me with expressing my emotions.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

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