A Taking it Easy Type of Day

Good Morning, World!!! I was planning on going to the social security office today however I fell asleep and slept through my alarm. I fell asleep because I was up way too early. Technically, I can still go but that means I would have to wait a lot longer. I am now planning on going on Wednesday as I have appointments tomorrow (Tuesday).

I am not really not planning on doing much today as the lack of sleep I got last night and I am not feeling all that well. I am not even planning on going to Art Group due to the fact that I am not feeling well. It is disappointing that I won’t be able to attend Art Group however I would rather get better today so I can see my therapist tomorrow as well as my primary care physician (pcp).

On that note, I am planning on taking it easy by reading the Star Wars book I started reading yesterday. I am loving the book. It is such an easy read. Something what I call eye candy.

Thank you for reading. I greatly appreciate all of you. Have an incredible day everyone and Peace Out, World.

6 responses to “A Taking it Easy Type of Day

  1. Take care…same here…an easy going day. But, only because I don’t have much to do since my husband hired help with the housework while I was in bed with a migraine and the work piled up on me. I might just catch up on some sewing. I think sewing does for e what reading does for you. ________________________________

      • I took Home Ec. in H.S. I fell in love with the sewing part and chose to focus on sewing classes offered through the Home Ec. program in the following years of H.S. My parents got e y very own sewing machine and sewing supplies that Christmas.

        My skills further improved when I got into historical sewing. Learning to make accurate reproductions of clothes worn 100+ years ago really stepped up my sewing game. I got really comfortable with hand sewing then and a still learning now. I used to only do zippers by hand, but I’ve only recently progressed to machine sewing them. I still need to learn how to do button holes properly. Right now, I just do hand sewn snaps and hand sew buttons to the outside layer.

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