Feeling Overwhelmed = Star Wars Book

Good Morning, World!!! I have been working on my LGBTQ workbook and found myself getting overwhelmed. I am feeling overwhelmed because what I am working on is hitting close to home. Its hitting close to home because I haven’t admitted to myself a lot of things regarding my gender identity but I am learning how to do so.

Since I am feeling overwhelmed, I have decided to take a break from the workbook for a few hours and read. I am going to to read the Star Wars book I got yesterday (Sunday).  Sometime in recovery you need to realize it is okay to take a break every once in awhile to take a break. Especially when you are reading Star Wars.

Thank you for reading and Peace Out, World!!!!

6 responses to “Feeling Overwhelmed = Star Wars Book

  1. You know what I think about gender identity? Sometimes, our true selves, our souls, don’t match up with who we are physically. Its as if the soul finds the incorrect body and I think more and more this is happening as society becomes less spiritual and there is no turning back. But, there are problems within spirituality as well (as we all know). Just as I think the essence of the past before the 1960s had some good parts to it we are missing today. But, ti also was not perfect and there’s no going back to the good parts. We lost them when we lost the bad. Those who don’t identify with their physical bodies have a soul that has been lost. It is up to those people to find their way back home and those of us who aren’t lost to support those that are.I think souls are masculine and feminine. Now, this doesn’t mean male and female as gender is different from sex. Also, those who are non-binary may have a soul from a different dimension that doesn’t have sexes like we do here. Now, our Spirit is different. I think spirit is genderless….kinda like how many may view God. But, our spirit also may contain both or many genders….just as God can as well. Remember, that the Divine can be everywhere at all times. If different dimension do exist, then a multi-gendered God can make sense.

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