A Long Tiring Wednesday

Hello, World!!! I am tired as hell. It is ten thirty at night in my neck of the wood and have been awake for over 36 hours now. I do not know why I haven’t been able to sleep but I have attempted to do so. I tried taking a nap today as I had to go to work this evening.

I had to go to work this evening for a training. A training on de-escalation. I personally could have facilitated this training because I have been to multiple de-escalation training’s due my previous job as a peer specialist.

Besides going to a work training this evening and attempting to take a nap or two, I have been taking it easy. I have been spending a great deal of time with Lil Gertie, my cat as she appears she is getting more affectionate as time goes on as she realizes that this is her forever home. Her intuition about my needs is getting stronger as well. Her intuition about my needs were good from the start, they are just getting better and more finely tuned.

I have also spent the day reading Wonder Woman comic books. Reading Wonder Woman comic books has been giving me the personal strength I have needed the last few days and over the years.

Thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated. I hope all of you have a good night. Peace Out, World!!!


3 responses to “A Long Tiring Wednesday

  1. Speaking of work…..I GOT A JOB!!!

    One day, taking a break from unpacking, we went to check out a store nearby. I really like it! She sells stuff right in my interests area: vintage furniture, clothes, decor, sewing stuff, etc. And the prices are decent too. But, I fell in love with this Jackie Kennedy era coat that was a bit out of my price range. Plus, I’ll need a warm winter coat come winter up here where it snows. The next day, I gathered up some things and had hoped she’d trade with me for the coat. In the process, we got to talking. Sure enough, we’re on the same wave length and just “get” each other. I mentioned I sew and asked if she needed any clothes repaired. She beamed with excitement and took me to her back room full of vintage clothing needing various amounts of repair. I mentioned I took fashion design and she told me about this idea she had to turn her vintage fabric into clothes to sell. I said I’d sew them for her. So, now I’m her seamstress! I left with clothes to repair, a bolt of fabric, and the coat I wanted. I already got my first week’s pay. She told me I’m very efficient.

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