Up Before the Butt Crack of Dawn

Good Sunday Morning, World from Seattle, Washington, USA. It is two o seven in the morning as I start this lovely post. I would rather be sleeping soundly like my cat Billie Dean is right now.. In fact he is snoring. Snoring is normal for him.

Lets start why I’m probably up before the but crack of dawn which would be work tomorrow (Monday). I go into my work site for the first time I go into my actual job site and I have anxiety over it. Not sure why but I think it’s because I want to do a good job at what I do and proof my supervisor and myself that I can do the job.

On that note, I will be volunteering at PAWS Cat City later this morning and am proud to say that Boris got adopted Friday morning. If he wasn’t FIV positive and more lovey dovey than my Billie Boy I would have add him to the family.

My other plans to do today is to do a math workbook to freshen up on my math skills. I also plan on doing a mindfulness workbook to help me with being more mindful of the moment and maybe start a mindfulness group at work if it’s the type of recovery work I can do at the Triage center. I’m also going to work on a workbook specifically for mental health recovery.

As part of my self care besides volunteering at PAWS Cat City, I’ll do some art work by coloring. And of course spending time with my cat Billie.


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