Developing Your Eye; Day 7 Solitude

A Foggy Snowy 2021 Christmas Day in Olympia, Washington

Blast to the past of Christmas of 2021. I took this this picture from my hotel room on Christmas morning of 2021 before I bundled myself up and walked around Capitol Lake twice. In fact it was mainly a solitude walk as only saw two other walkers when on a typical non holiday there are more walkers. I enjoyed the solitude and enjoyed my Christmas walk before spending it with family.

Everyday Inspiration; Day 4: A Story in a Single Image

A woman with back toward us, walking in the woods.

The picture above is one of a woman walking alone in the woods. It reminds me of the times where I was at peace in the solitude of nature. Nature has a way about it to bring peace to ones soul or at least that is how it is for me personally. The picture above is reminding me that I need to go on one more hike before the end of summer.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I; Day Six: Solitude

Good Morning, World!!! Today’s topic for the photography course I am taking through WordPress is “solitude.” While on one of my many walks though the trails of Cowen and Ravenna Parks, I saw this mama owl in what appears to be solitude. She is observing her three babies that are in another tree but I like to think as I was taking time of solitude she was doing the same thing. Spending time walking through the trails of Cowen and Ravenna Parks have been in solitude and quite helpful for me. The picture below is of the mama owl in solitude. For those who are sight impaired there are captions and hope you are able to read them as they are apart of the picture.

A lone owl in a tree. This owl is actually observing her three babies in another tree.

Photo 1; Day 6: Solitude

Good Afternoon, World!!! Today’s topic is of solitude and I thought of the perfect picture from Christmas of 2017 in Olympia, Washington.

IMG_0115The above picture is from my hotel room I stayed at while visiting family for the holidays. As you can see I had a white Christmas. I stayed in Olympia, Washington as mentioned which is the state capital. You can see tiny bit of it three quarters of the way up on the left. So the solitude part of this picture was when I walked around the lake while listening to the sounds around me. I went back to the hotel room and had hot chocolate while looking out the window to the scene that is pictured above.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!