Woo Hoo!!! I Got Some Sleep

Good Morning, World!!! It is 3:33 in the morning and I am up however I am excited because I actually got some sleep. Some much needed sleep. Sleep that I was thrilled to get.

Since I am up two hours earlier than expected for my job interview, I’m going to make myself and Junior a good and yummy breakfast. I think I’m going to make French Toast, scrambled eggs and chocolate milk.

After I eat I think I’m going to do my mindfulness workbook as it helps me stay focused and learn how to be my mindful of any situation I may be currently in. One thing I need to be mindful of is my job interview that is in roughly five hours from now.

I am looking forward to my job interview. It’s with any agency that is all for Peers. They are known to the community as being “Pro-Peer.” Something, that I am for is an agency that creates a good environment for Peer Specialist.

I should get going so I can follow through with what I told you I would do. I hope everyone has a good Tuesday and good day at work or whatever you do. Peace Out, World!!!!

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