Adulting With A Bit Of Fun

Good Evening, World!!! Today, was a day of adulting. I basically cleaned my apartment today as well as did some grocery shopping. I bought mainly some basic food to get me through to when I get my food stamps in a few days.

When I cleaned my apartment, I listened to music. Music that has helped me get through some tough shit as well some fun time. Music also helps me deal with the boring parts of being an adult like cleaning.

After I was done being an adult I decided to have some fun and read. Reading the book that I informed you about a post or two ago. I love reading as it helps me forget what is going on in life even just temporary.

Thank you so much for reading. Goodnight and Peace Out, World!!!

2 responses to “Adulting With A Bit Of Fun

  1. What kind of music do you like?

    I really like oldies….oldies, but goodies as they say. I specifically like doo wop and rockabilly. Both are fun and upbeat. They aren’t dark or overly sexual and sometimes have an innocent quality to them, which I like. I enjoy neo groups of these genres too.

    In a few weeks, I’m attending the biggest rockabilly (early rock & roll + country hillbilly) festival in the US. It’s fun! There is vintage shopping, people dress up for the era (my dress was started by a friend’s grandmother for her mom and I finished making it for myself), there is a huge classic car show (one day I’m going to have a ‘59 Imperial), and new and old bands are playing. There’s fashion shows, dance lessons and contests, burlesque, and even a pool party and vintage swimsuit contest!

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