Woe-Is-Me Moment

Good Morning, World!!! I’m having a woe-is-me moment. I am having a moment due to the fact I have been out of work for a year. I’ve been out of work because I resigned from my much loved career due to the fact my symptoms were acting up. Unfortunately, it appears that this is my new baseline however I AM NOT going to allow it to be my new baseline.

I miss working. Hell, I wish I was in a spot where I could work even if it part time. I loved working as Peer Specialist (Counselor). I know I’m meant to be working in the mental health field for the rest of my career.

I am also having a woe-is-me moment because of me having a new clinician. Or at least having a moment because of something that is beyond his control. Something he may not even be aware of yet. His voicemail is not set up yet. Hell, it’s his extension that is not set up either. I’m suppose to have a check-in with him today. Hope that will happen but can’t worry about it right now.

This moment is brought to you by the letters F-U-C-K. Have a great day everyone. I know my day can only get better. Peace Out, World!!!


One response to “Woe-Is-Me Moment

  1. I’ve been out of work for years due to several different circumstances. But, I keep hoping for something part time to pop up I can manage and enjoy. Luckily, I’m married and can take over a stay-at-home-wife position for now and volunteer helping the homeless at a park a few blocks away.

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