First Session With New Clinician

Good Afternoon, World!!! I met with my new clinician today. He is my case manager but we are going to be do therapy work so he is more like a therapist for me. We discussed quite a lot today and my anxiety was put at ease.

One of the main topics we discussed was boundaries. Boundaries about our therapeutic relationship. He appears to have good boundaries.

We also discussed our expectations of the relationship and what I want to work on. He appears to be on the same page as me regarding expectations and my recovery plan. My new therapist is on board with my recovery as well as the recovery movement.

I think I’m going to like this new therapist as he is proving himself already. He is encouraging me to build more structure in my life. He thinks I need more recreation in my life which is true.

Thank you so much for reading. Peace Out, World!!!



Weekly Plans


  • Blog
  • Read
  • Cross Stitch
  • Color
  • Basically be lazy all day


  • Blog
  • Read
  • Art Group


  • Blog
  • Read
  • Art
  • Therapy /Case management


  • Blog
  • Read
  • Art
  • Not quite sure quite yet


  • Blog
  • Read
  • Art
  • See Psych ARNP
  • Clean Apartment


  • Blog
  • Read
  • Art
  • Again, another day with nothing really planned


  • Blog
  • Read
  • Art
  • Cross Stitch
  • Be lazy

Weekly Check-In

Good Evening, World!!! Right now I should be volunteering however I am still dealing with the grief of loosing my grandma. I miss her very much.

Besides dealing with grief all week, I’ve been busy. Busy doing attempting to be a productive individual in society. Society that expect me to be doing well but I am not or least not where I want to be.

The week started out with me meeting with Gilbert (now old therapist), my now old case manager and my new clinician. It was interesting. Interesting in the fact I am not sure how this is going to play out for me therapeutically.

I have also been reading my book off and on this week and am grateful to have the time to read. I am enjoying the book I am reading.

Most importantly I am starting up cross stitching again. It is helping me with my depression symptoms. Cross stitching and reading is something I have been doing most of the day as it’s even too rainy for us Seattleites.

Now I am going to watch movies from my childhood and binge eat on stack food. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and Peace Out, World!!!

Rambling About Recovery

Good Morning, World!!! It appears that my new clinician cares. He called me yesterday to do a “check-in” and to inform me of some idea’s he has about my treatment.  The one obvious one is having a face to face, one hour, weekly appointment with him. He read some of my chart and realize that weekends are difficult for me. It is because of him figuring thing out he wants to do Friday and Monday check-ins with me. He is just attempting to be a preventative measure at the moment. Something I think is a great idea.

Another idea my new clinician threw out there was to discuss the workbooks I am doing. He likes the idea that I am doing workbooks to help my recovery along. He thinks it would be beneficial to discuss with him what I have done throughout the week with the workbooks. I like this idea and am willing to do this as it could be beneficial for me.

Speaking of recovery, I am think I should end this post for now and work on a workbook. Thank you so much for reading my blog. It is much appreciated from my end. Peace Out, World

Woe-Is-Me Moment

Good Morning, World!!! I’m having a woe-is-me moment. I am having a moment due to the fact I have been out of work for a year. I’ve been out of work because I resigned from my much loved career due to the fact my symptoms were acting up. Unfortunately, it appears that this is my new baseline however I AM NOT going to allow it to be my new baseline.

I miss working. Hell, I wish I was in a spot where I could work even if it part time. I loved working as Peer Specialist (Counselor). I know I’m meant to be working in the mental health field for the rest of my career.

I am also having a woe-is-me moment because of me having a new clinician. Or at least having a moment because of something that is beyond his control. Something he may not even be aware of yet. His voicemail is not set up yet. Hell, it’s his extension that is not set up either. I’m suppose to have a check-in with him today. Hope that will happen but can’t worry about it right now.

This moment is brought to you by the letters F-U-C-K. Have a great day everyone. I know my day can only get better. Peace Out, World!!!

Another Boring Post About Nothing

Good Morning, World!!! I have been thinking about something and yes I know that is a scary thought. In fact the thing I have been thinking about is annoying the hell of me. The thing that is annoying me is that when I met with my new clinician yesterday he didn’t know his extension. I’m NOT annoyed with him because it was his first day but I am annoyed with myself for letting it get to me that he doesn’t know his extension.

I may be annoyed over something so minor or something what I consider minor however I am grateful that my new clinician is a Social Worker. Nothing against those who have a LMHC licensure, I just prefer dealing with Social Workers as they get a broader view of working with various individuals in many different aspects of life.

Thank you for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

All I Can Say Is That It’s Monday

Good Evening, World!!! The title of this post says it all. Today, I had a “team meeting” with my now old case manager and Gilbert, who is now my old therapist and met with my new clinician. Not sure what to think of my new clinician but he appears to be a little timid. I just hope he is as direct with me as my case manager and Gilbert as directness is quite helpful for me.

Something else I did was go to Art Group. I love art. We were to paint one big flower to cover the page. I didn’t do that as I wanted to create a field of flowers. It didn’t come out as planned but I like it because I made a couple of focal points in my painting.

When I came home I read a chapter in my book. I am really enjoying my book and grateful that I now have the concentration to now focus on reading. Once, I am done blogging I think I am going to go back to reading. Right now my favorite genre is Fantasy (as well as Science Fiction) and proud of being considered a “geek” due to the genre.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!