An Idea or Two About Structure

Hello, World!!! I was doing a mindfulness exercise and realized that if helps me in the late evening then it will help me in the morning as well. So, I think I am going to start my day with a mindfulness exercise or least do it pretty early on to the start of my day. As I was thinking about this I remember the conversation I had with my therapist during our session yesterday about how I do better with structure.

After thinking about the conversation I had yesterday, I pulled out my calendar and started penciling in things that I would like the do and things I need to. I plan on filling out next week and show it to my new therapist.

Mindfulness is one of the things I plan on doing both during the morning and late evening. I also plan on continuing drinking tea while reading the news paper in the morning. Another thing I want to do on the more regular basis is to do my workbooks. I feel like if I do this it will help me help myself and get to where I want in my recovery. I also hope to discuss my work in the workbooks with my therapist. These are just a few ideas I would like to do to build some structure in my life.

Thank you for reading about my ideas. Peace Out, World.

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