Sunny in Seattle Does the Depression Good

Good Afternoon, World!!! At this moment in time I have laundry in the washer. I realized that it needed to be done. For me I rather get the chores out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of the day.

Despite having laundry in the washer I have enjoyed the sunny weather already by taking a nice two mile walk. A walk that did me good with the exercise and the sun. The sunny weather is quite helpful to fighting off depression or at least for me it helps.

After my laundry is done, I plan on taking another walk. This time to a park. I’ll take a book with me to the park to read in the nice sunny weather. There is something cool about reading in a park on a nice sunny day. Too bad its not warm to go to the lake and read. It would be a little chilly for me. I do know it will warm up this week to be able to do that.

I got to go and check on my laundry and put it into the dryer. Have a good Sunday. Thank you so much for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

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