Plans to Fight Off Depression

Good Morning, World!!! I am thrilled to have 300 hundred followers. Yes, I realize I posted a really short post about this already but it is a big deal to me. It’s a big deal to me because it means people are actually interested in my blog.

As I think about what I am going to do for the day I noticed that my depression is trying to ruin my day. I am bound to not let the depression ruin my day because I have plans to make it a lazy and relaxing day. For me depression can easily ruin my day I today I am setting my mind to not let it do so.

One of the things I’ll be doing today to make it a good day for me is reading. Reading has been a great go to coping skill for me as of lately. Being able to concentrate on reading is a huge deal for me as it has been difficult for me to do until recently.

Another thing that I will be doing is listening to podcast. Specifically a podcast on philosophy. I have been learning a great deal about the topic of philosophy and realize that I it is a subject that I enjoy. A subject that they would have taught when I was in high school.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful Sunday. Peace Out, World!!!

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