Pre-Interview Anxiety

Good Morning, World!!! My anxiety has subsided a great deal from this time yesterday. Do I still have anxiety at this moment? Yes, I do except I am pretty sure it is not left over from yesterday.

I am pretty sure it is not left over from yesterday because I am have a job interview today. So, the anxiety I am feeling at the moment has a lot to deal with the job interview and nothing to do yesterday.

Something that has been quite helpful since I got up this morning has been music. Listening to music has proven helpful to me as it reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure in me. I was part of a study to see how music can be of help to peoples mental health and they found it lowered my anxiety, depression and the plus part of it all, my blood pressure. My blood pressure doesn’t need to get any lower as it is naturally low any way.

Thank you for reading. I am most likely going to blog at least once more before my interview. Peace Out, World!!!


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