Depression Strikes, Again

Good Evening, World!!! Right now I am struggling with depression and anxiety. I am not sure why as it was an overall good day. Symptoms come at the most inopportune time especially those associated with PTSD.

I have been doing my workbook on mindfulness. It has been quite helpful for me working this workbook as well as the other workbooks I am doing. I am finding that using mindfulness is helping me with my reactivity and how I respond to things.

I also ordered three Star Wars books from Amazon as they were giving deals on Star Wars stuff. I got one of the books for free. I am looking forward to reading the Star Wars books as I am a huge fan of the Movies.

Speaking of reading I read today as well. I am finally getting some where in one of the books I am reading. It is finally getting good. I love to read.

Thank you for reading. May the 4th be with you. Peace Out, World!!

One response to “Depression Strikes, Again

  1. Goodness knows I know what you are going through. I suffered PTSD for years after being involved with a cult and trying suicide as a result of being shunned. I was told I was possessed by a demon who was using me to get into the group. I didn’t know it was a cult. It seemed like a group of women very much like myself. I found out when it was too late. Now, I’m Jewish and couldn’t be happier. The conversion process for Judaism was very helpful and the Rabbi not only was a teacher, but acted like a counselor too helping me through my previous experience on a journey to a better one. I have to admit, any religion was quite frightening to me for a while and triggered PTSD symptoms and sometimes I wouldn’t know what the trigger was. Sometimes, it was just my thoughts that triggered it.

    I started a mindfulness app specifically designed for autistic individuals and I’m loving it!

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